All paint finishes, with or without a clear coat, will deteriorate and dull over time. This loss of luster, called oxidation, is primarily caused by long term exposure to ultraviolet light. Black, red and dark color finishes absorb higher levels of UV and will oxidize sooner than light color finishes. Restoring gloss to dull, oxidized finishes requires polishing and finishing or in severe conditions, compounding, polishing and finishing.

Compounding, abrades away the top layer of dull, oxidized paint and in the process, removes swirls, scratches and minor paint blemishes.

Polishing removes compounding haze and restores surface gloss. It creates a mirror-like, highly reflective finish ready for waxing.

At Dent Pro Auto Care we use the latest technologies and techniques in car paint polish and protection.

Using the same compound and polish, as some German’s top automakers, we can easily deal with nanotechnology clear coat called (CeramiClear) coat used on Mercedes production lines and was approved for the repair of Mercedes and Nissans. The challenge with ceramic clear coat is that it is harder to correct than the comparatively soft clear coats used by most other car manufacturers.

Compounding will remove swirls, scratches, paint oxidation, and water spots. It will restore and bring your car original color back, leveling imperfections and restore a mirror-like gloss to ceramic clear coats as well as conventional clear coat.

Our water-based emulsion with ultra fine diminishing abrasives will finish the job by gently polishing the paint to a brilliant gloss. No holograms, haze-free finish are definite representative of our polishing quality!

The original luster and color of your car can be restored!