Xzilon Molecular Adhesive is available now.

We use the best German Super Polymers paint sealant, which are fortified with more dirt-repelling power to keep your vehicle cleaner and shinier, longer. These enhanced super polymers have an amazing anti-static property that repels water, oil, dust, and road grime to provide unsurpassed paint protection. Your vehicle stays cleaner because foreign molecules literally slide off the clear polymer coating. Super polymers bond easily to automotive paint and form an extensive cross-linked polymer network. This clear shield eliminates surface tension so contaminants have no foothold on your vehicle.

A premium paint sealant can last up to 12 months. By “last”, means that water will continue to bead and the paint will remain protected from UV rays and contamination. When a sealant bonds to your vehicle’s paint, it forms a rigid shell.

If you really want to amplify the shine, we will apply a layer of carnauba wax over a layer of sealant. The sealant will create a glossy, hard coating while the carnauba wax will enhance the depth and dimension of the paint. Get wet, mirror-like finish!

The wax we use is a hand-crafted blend of the world’s finest white carnauba wax, German Super Polymers, and proprietary ingredients that yield unequaled shine and protection.

In the pursuit of the perfect finish, accept no compromise.