Customer Testimonial

Don Witzel

“The professional workmanship of Oleg Grankin of Dent Pro is absolutely meticulous, a true craftsman with traditional care for quality customer service. Not enough can be said about the convenience of having this work down in such a short time, where the car is, not having to leave it “at the shop” with alternate arrangements for transportation. To avoid more extensive and far more expensive typical body work is just great as well – why fill, sand, and repaint when most small dents completely disappear by carefully working the metal back into shape in the manner of Dent Pro? I had two very noticeable dents in the rear passenger door of my year-old Genesis and after Dent Pro restoration, there is NO hint whatsoever of any damage to be seen. I was thoroughly impressed not only with the techniques used but also the care and precision with which Oleg performed the work, insisting on nothing less than showroom quality upon completion. I certainly do not hesitate to recommend Dent Pro for any dent repairs like this, and I look forward to using other services provided (buffing, polishing, lease return repairs) in the future.”

Dent Pro Ottawa

Hello! My name is Oleg, your skilled dent repair specialist.

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