Customer Testimonial

Glen Ryan, Stittsville

“It is with great pleasure that I am recommending Oleg from Dent Pro to anyone who is looking for quality car paint restoration or paintless dent removal work to be completed on their vehicle.

I had a substantial dent on my Infiniti QX4 that needed to be repaired. The body shop I normally deal with recommended Dent Pro as they did not have the expertise to deal with paintless dent removal. I knew from my initial meeting with Oleg that he has a great knowledge of and passion not only dent repair but also car paint restoration. Oleg did a fantastic job removing the dent. You would not know there was any issue whatsoever after he completed this. I also had Oleg repair a dent on my wife’s Acura MDX with the same excellent result.

I am very meticulous about my cars but I have found it challenging to keep my black Infiniti looking the way I would like. I use the touchless car washes frequently and select the wash that has a clearcoat shine conditioner. Despite this, the car never really has that brilliant shine. It also had faded in one area and had other surface scratches. Speaking with Oleg he recommended a car paint restoration process which I agreed made sense. I cannot believe what a fantastic job Oleg did on my car. He restored the color and other than a few paint tiny paint chips that were already there previously, I must say the car looks new. I plan to keep the vehicle for several more years and now I feel this is possible thanks to Oleg’s work. Not only does he do fine work, you can tell he really enjoys doing the work. He is very through and wants to ensure you are fully satisfied with the finished product. I believe you too will be very satisfied if you choose Oleg from Dent Pro to work on your vehicle.”

Dent Pro Ottawa

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