Customer Testimonial

Ken McAndrew & Tracy Ramsay

“A local body shop with a good reputation assured us that our hail damaged vehicle would be in show room condition after their repairs. This was certainly not the case and after many attempts to correct the issues, the vehicle was repainted, however the clear coat looked like it was ten years old. The company assured us that they could fix their mistakes but after three attempts to correct the scratches, swirl marks and holograms, the vehicle’s clear coat got worse. We gave up on the body shop and contacted Oleg as he had repaired a dent for us in the past, he is honest and would be truthful in the assessment of our vehicle and we knew that his work was superior.

We truly did not think that the clear coat could be restored to show room condition. This was not the case; Oleg, at a very reasonable cost was able to restore the clear coat to a mirror finish. We could not believe how well it turned out! His attention to detail is second to none as he not only restored the clear coat; he also restored the black trim pieces on the vehicle to show room condition.

Oleg’s work is simply outstanding!”

Dent Pro Ottawa

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