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  • “Exceptional Dent Repair Service: A Seamless Experience with Dent Pro Repair!

    I recently had the pleasure of utilizing the services of Dent Pro Repair to fix the hailstone damage my vehicle endured over the summer. I am delighted to share my overwhelmingly positive experience with this remarkable dent repair company.

    From the moment I contacted Oleg, the owner, his professionalism and friendliness were evident. He exuded a genuine passion for his work and a commitment to providing exceptional customer service. Oleg’s attention to detail and dedication to ensuring a hassle-free process truly set him apart.

    One of the standout qualities of Oleg was his unwavering commitment to keeping me informed and involved throughout the entire repair process. He patiently explained the repair procedures, answered all my questions, and provided me with a clear understanding of the timeline, cost involved and clarifying even the murky insurance processes.
    Oleg’s transparency and willingness to go above and beyond to accommodate my needs made the entire process quick, smooth, and incredibly convenient.

    Moreover, the quality of the dent repair performed by Oleg and his team exceeded my expectations. The hailstone damage that once marred my vehicle was completely restored, leaving no trace of its existence. Oleg’s expertise and meticulous approach to his craft were evident in the flawless results. It is evident that he takes great pride in his work and strives for perfection in every repair job.

    While I genuinely hope to never experience hailstone or dent damage again, I am reassured to know that I have a trusted body work expert like Dent Pro/Oleg that I can reach out to help resolve those frustrating but inevitable incidents.”

    - Happy Customer in Ottawa

  • “My meticulously kept 2003 Honda Accord was damaged by a runaway grocery cart the Saturday before Thanksgiving, leaving a huge dent on the wheel fender. Since my car was scheduled to go into winter storage 7 days later I was frantic to get it repaired and done properly. Oleg understood my predicament and bent over backwards to fit me in on Friday morning despite being very busy with other work in progress. I brought my car in and less than three hours later my car was handed back to me in perfect condition. The huge dent was completely gone and restored to factory original state. The cost was very reasonable and appropriate. Oleg and his team did a fantastic job and I would recommend them to anyone looking for expert work.”

    - Jackie Clark, Nepean

  • “On advice from a friend I called to see if you could fix some small dents on my Maserati. After meeting you and discussing options for my car I am so happy that I took your advice and had the paint polished and sealed. When I picked the car up it looked better than new. I appreciate your hard work and professionalism. I will continue to use your service in the future and will recommend Dentpro to friends. Thanks Oleg.”

    - Bob in Nepean

  • “Excellent work, fast courteous service, reasonable price. What more could you want? One Sunday night in January during an evening of freezing rain, my fairly new SUV acquired a large dent in the rear passenger side panel. I was quite worried that this dent would cost a lot of money and several days in the body shop to repair, not to mention the chance that the paint job wouldn’t match or be as durable as the factory one.

    I was checking online for body shops and came across Dent Pro. I called Oleg on the Monday, we arranged that he would come to my workplace to look at my car and give an estimate, which he did. The estimate was very reasonable so we agreed to go ahead. On Wednesday, he met me at my workplace again to fix the dent. At this time I also asked him about another problem I had, the console cup holder was cracked. He gave me a good price on repairing that as well. We decided that it was best he take my car to his shop, which he did, leaving his van behind. Three hours later, he was back with my car. The dent was gone (I could not tell it had ever been dented) and the cupholder was like new.

    I am very happy with the quality of work, the price and the service. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dent Pro to my friends.”

    - A. Harvey, Nepean

  • “I am happy to recommend Oleg from Dentpro. After speaking with him over the phone, he made an appointment to come over to our home that same day. We had a dent in the bumper of my wife’s Honda CRV that he quickly went to work on and within a short time it was pulled out and looked as good as new .I did not have to drive anywhere and was impressed with the speed and efficiency of the work done.”

    - Jeff Rosebrugh, Royal LePage Performance Realty

  • “We had a dent in the sliding door of our minivan. I received two quotes from repair shops. One was for $660.00 and the other for $1700.00!!! Dent Pro came to my house and fixed the dent for $160.00. The van looks great…plus I still have original paint. Thanks Oleg.”

    - Doug, Orleans

  • “A quick note to let you know how pleased I was with your work today in removing the parking ding from the quarter panel of my black BMW. The dent was right in my line of sight every time I opened the driver’s door. Now it is a smooth polished panel again with absolutely no sign of the previous damage. I had been given estimates of up to $650 to respray the whole panel with no guarantee of a paint match. Your work was first class, a real bargain, and I am pleased to recommend it.”

    - Chris, Ottawa

  • “My husband and I recently purchased a 2010 Honda Pilot. You can imagine our dismay when we discovered a 1.5 ” X 3″ dent in the driver’s side rear passenger door. We contacted DentPro and received a very reasonable estimate. The work was completed in a timely fashion and you simply cannot see or feel where the dent had been located! Both my husband and I were amazed with the result! In light of this, we requested further repair work on some scratches to our 2007 Honda CRV and again to our delight, the work performed was outstanding in quality. Thank you Dentpro for making our vehicles look like they did when we purchased them! We will certainly be recommending you to all of our friends who need this type of service!”

    - Ken McAndrew and Tracy Ramsay

  • “The professional workmanship of Oleg Grankin of Dent Pro is absolutely meticulous, a true craftsman with traditional care for quality customer service. Not enough can be said about the convenience of having this work down in such a short time, where the car is, not having to leave it “at the shop” with alternate arrangements for transportation. To avoid more extensive and far more expensive typical body work is just great as well – why fill, sand, and repaint when most small dents completely disappear by carefully working the metal back into shape in the manner of Dent Pro? I had two very noticeable dents in the rear passenger door of my year-old Genesis and after Dent Pro restoration, there is NO hint whatsoever of any damage to be seen. I was thoroughly impressed not only with the techniques used but also the care and precision with which Oleg performed the work, insisting on nothing less than showroom quality upon completion. I certainly do not hesitate to recommend Dent Pro for any dent repairs like this, and I look forward to using other services provided (buffing, polishing, lease return repairs) in the future.”

    - Don Witzel

  • “Oleg, it was a great thing when as a favor, my automobile dealer’s body shop man gave me your phone number because you not only saved me literally hundreds of dollars from what they would have charged me in their estimate – but you did bloody marvelous work, right there in my own driveway. Additionally you saved me two days of lost car time and it was most evident in the discussion we had that your main focus is on the quality of your work – very unusual and very nice to see in a young man. You did a truly professional job in a most painstaking way and I am recommending you to all my friends for when they need this kind of work on their cars.
    You really made my day Oleg, and thanks very much again.”

    - Bill Cosway

  • “Whatever doubts you have about using this service, do yourself a favour and call Oleg. I was very reluctant at first but decided to call Dent Pro after much insistence from a friend at work. Boy was I glad I did!

    My wife and I both deal with fractions of millimeters every day as part of our jobs and we were both astonished with Oleg’s skills. You actually have to see him at work to believe it. The man can mould a plastic bumper like a sculptor. He truly is an artist in his field. The results speak for themselves.

    Thanks Oleg.”

    - Dr. Bao Nguyen, DDS (client)

  • “A local body shop with a good reputation assured us that our hail damaged vehicle would be in show room condition after their repairs. This was certainly not the case and after many attempts to correct the issues, the vehicle was repainted, however the clear coat looked like it was ten years old. The company assured us that they could fix their mistakes but after three attempts to correct the scratches, swirl marks and holograms, the vehicle’s clear coat got worse. We gave up on the body shop and contacted Oleg as he had repaired a dent for us in the past, he is honest and would be truthful in the assessment of our vehicle and we knew that his work was superior.

    We truly did not think that the clear coat could be restored to show room condition. This was not the case; Oleg, at a very reasonable cost was able to restore the clear coat to a mirror finish. We could not believe how well it turned out! His attention to detail is second to none as he not only restored the clear coat; he also restored the black trim pieces on the vehicle to show room condition.

    Oleg’s work is simply outstanding!”

    - Ken McAndrew & Tracy Ramsay

  • “I found Dent Pro Auto Care on the internet while looking for a someone to buff out a few scratches on my recently purchased 3 year old bmw 335xi. I really didn’t know what to expect since I had never heard of the company before. The owner, Oleg Grankin was able to meet me and have a look at my car just a couple of hours after my initial phone call. Feeling confident in the company’s experience and abilities, I decided to have them buff and wax the entire car and also have them remove a few small dents. Despite his busy schedule, Oleg was able to start work on my car early the next morning. Oleg and his staff devoted an entire day to the project and kept in phone contact with me throughout the job to let me know how things were progressing. The whole process from initial contact to completion took less than 2 days.

    I’ve had similar work performed in more well known shops and for more money, but none of those results could compare to the results I got from Oleg and his skilled staff. I knew the finished product would look good, but I didn’t think it would look that good; I was extremely impressed. Standing beside my 3 year old bmw, it looked like a brand new car right out of the show room. In fact, very few new cars look as good as my car did after Oleg had applied his considerable talents to it. The closer you got to the car, the better it looked. It literally had a mirror finish to it.

    I found Oleg Grankin to be quite personable, easy to work with and very meticulous. He takes an enormous amount of pride in his work. I have high standards when it comes to quality auto care but it’s obvious that Oleg’s standards are even higher than mine. The guys at Dent Pro Auto Care under-promise and over-deliver (and they promise a lot). I’ll certainly continue to do business with them in the future.”

    - Kurt Jorssen, Ottawa

  • “When spring arrived I wanted to make my two year old Audi look brand new. You made it look fantastic by buffing the scratches and fixing the various “dings” from people who don’t know how to park. When I arrived at work my colleagues thought I bought a new car.  You touched-up  my wife’s 2002 Volvo earlier this year and she is most pleased with it’s brand new appearance. Thanks again. I would recommend you to anybody who wants quality work done at a very affordable price.”

    - Jim Robinson, Senior Consultant

  • “My wife is very fond of her Volvo wagon which she loves to keep in good shape. While she was in Europe visiting our daughter I was referred to Oleg to fix various dents and scratches on her car. He came to visit the car at my residence and gave me a very reasonable quote which I accepted. He took the car to his shop, did his magic and repaired the dents and scratches so well the car looked brand new. Needless to say, my wife was thrilled upon her return. I intend to have him do my Audi in the near future.”

    - Jim Robinson, Nepean

  • “Recently, I used the services of Dent Pro in order to have door dents repaired on my truck as well as getting a multi-stage wet sand and wax done on my Mercedes. I was impressed with Oleg’s professionalism and commitment in getting the job done right. It is obvious that he strives for client satisfaction, and I do not hesitate in recommending his services to whomever is looking for perfection. Thanks again Oleg for a job well done.”

    - Alain, Ottawa

  • “It is with great pleasure that I am recommending Oleg from Dent Pro to anyone who is looking for quality car paint restoration or paintless dent removal work to be completed on their vehicle.

    I had a substantial dent on my Infiniti QX4 that needed to be repaired. The body shop I normally deal with recommended Dent Pro as they did not have the expertise to deal with paintless dent removal. I knew from my initial meeting with Oleg that he has a great knowledge of and passion not only dent repair but also car paint restoration. Oleg did a fantastic job removing the dent. You would not know there was any issue whatsoever after he completed this. I also had Oleg repair a dent on my wife’s Acura MDX with the same excellent result.

    I am very meticulous about my cars but I have found it challenging to keep my black Infiniti looking the way I would like. I use the touchless car washes frequently and select the wash that has a clearcoat shine conditioner. Despite this, the car never really has that brilliant shine. It also had faded in one area and had other surface scratches. Speaking with Oleg he recommended a car paint restoration process which I agreed made sense. I cannot believe what a fantastic job Oleg did on my car. He restored the color and other than a few paint tiny paint chips that were already there previously, I must say the car looks new. I plan to keep the vehicle for several more years and now I feel this is possible thanks to Oleg’s work. Not only does he do fine work, you can tell he really enjoys doing the work. He is very through and wants to ensure you are fully satisfied with the finished product. I believe you too will be very satisfied if you choose Oleg from Dent Pro to work on your vehicle.”

    - Glen Ryan, Stittsville

  • “I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how pleased we are with the paintless dent repair, and the paint protection service you provided for our 2010 Mazda. We had a dent, about 6 inches long and an inch deep, in our right front fender, caused by a wayward door in a parking lot. After getting two initial estimates, we had almost given up on getting it fixed, because of the enormous cost. Happily, I tried one more web search and came across dentpro.ca. We were extremely pleased by the professional, courteous and very quick fix to a problem we thought we’d have to live with for the life of the car. What took you less than an hour, was going to be “major surgery” at two of the big box repair shops. I watched you work and was amazed at the quick transformation of an ugly dent into the vehicle we are once again proud to own. And when we decided to finish up the repair with your paint protection service, we ended up with a vehicle that looked like it had just come off the dealer lot! What a difference it makes to deal with someone who actually cares, and takes pride in their work. And thank you for helping out with the “shuttle” service while you did the paint protection. But that car is our one and only “baby”, so we needed a little help with your “baby-sitting” service as well. Very much appreciated! I can promise that anyone who makes use of your skills will undoubtedly be happy with the results, as well as the price.”

    - Larry, Kanata

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