Wet sanding is process of “shaving” a tiny layer of clear coat off the paint surface to level out deep scratches and remove “orange peel”.  Much the same as the Zamboni machine shaves off a layer of ice on the rink, to give the paint smooth, mirror-like finish.

Most factory paint jobs have some degree of orange peel, as well as many refinish paint jobs. Today’s new water-born paint, what every car factory using, seams to live larger “orange peel” in the paint.

Wet sanding, followed by compounding and polishing is the only way to get rid of “orange peel”, to create that absolutely perfect finish.

Expensive cars like Bentleys, Lamborghinis, etc. are hand sanded and polished at the factory.

Dent Pro can wet sand your entire vehicle to bring the appearance of the paint to show-car like quality!

Wet sand the “orange peel” away from a new or old car and get the wettest looking mirror finish!